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Jackson State University Graduation Announcement Etiquette

As an undergrad, most students don't know about the formalities that should be followed when sending their JSU graduation announcements. They may not even know the difference between Jackson State University graduation announcements and graduation invitations or when they should send them. Basically, JSU graduation announcements simply declare the event and the sender might also choose to include an invitation to a grad party in the same envelope. Jackson State University graduation invitations, on the other hand, actually invite the recipient to attend the graduation ceremony. They may include a ticket to the event, since the school sometimes limits the number of attendees. Not everyone can attend the ceremony but it's polite to send announcements to all of your friends and family so that they feel included in celebrating this important milestone.

Knowing when to send the Jackson State graduation invitations is an important issue. The JSU graduation invitations should be sent at least two to four weeks before the graduation date to allow time for friends and family members to make plans to attend. Sending Jackson State University graduation announcements early will also give people plenty of time to call and congratulate the graduate or send a card. Jackson State graduation announcements are not, however, requests for gifts so students should not expect gifts from the people they send graduation announcements to. In some cases, family members will provide gifts or throw a party, which calls for a thank you note. Make sure you order JSU thank you cards so that you are prepared to send timely responses. It's also nice for very close family members, such as parents, to receive a Jackson State University certificate of appreciation or engraved plaque so that they are able to treasure the accomplishment of their loved one forever.

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