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Virginia Tech Graduation Etiquette

There are certain rules of etiquette for sending VT graduation announcements. First of all, Virginia Tech graduation announcements should be sent to all of your friends, family and even professional acquaintances, not just those who will be attending the ceremony. Those who are attending should also receive more information about the school location, the site of the ceremony itself in relation to the campus, the time of the event and more.

It is socially correct to use an inner and outer envelope. The inner envelope is addressed informally for close friends and family and the outer envelope is addressed for mailing. Return address labels with the logo for Virginia Tech help make the outer envelope appear more formal and it eliminates the need to hand-address all of the envelopes.

Make sure that you order VT thank you cards so that you are prepared. Students should always send thank you cards to people who send a card or gift. It is also nice to purchase a certificate of appreciation or engraved plaque for those who were especially supportive during your years at Virginia Tech.

You've earned a degree of distinction from Virginia Tech and we look forward to providing you with a Signature Graduation Announcement that will recognize your outstanding achievement

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