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Signature Announcements Inc. has created this Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) section in order to assist you with any further questions or concerns you may have. Use the links below to jump to a specific section.

How you and your classmates can Order

The following information is designed to help you through the ordering process. Currently, we have four methods of ordering:


Below you will find instructions on all ordering methods.
Most packages will ship from our plant in 5-10 business days, please allow for travel time, as well as additional time for weekends and holidays.

You should receive your package approximately 2 1/2 - 3 weeks from the date the order was placed, or initially when the order obtains good payment (we do not do C.O.D.). Please note that there could be delays due to the amount of rush orders implemented.

Standard Shipping: FedEx Ground and USPS - Approximately 2 1/2 to 3 weeks $10.99
Guaranteed 10 Day Rush: Have your order within 10 Business Days! $30.99
Guaranteed 7 Day Rush: Have your order within 7 Business Days! $35.99
Guaranteed 5 Day Rush: Have your order within 5 Business Days! $39.99
Guaranteed 4 Day Rush: Have your order within 4 Business Days! $49.99

We are not responsible for delivery delays due to weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

Please review our Shipping Information page to see how our shipping methods work.
*Delivery to a PO Box can not be Date guaranteed.

Online Orders - :: The Best Way! ::

To order online, please visit our ordering web page and fill out all the required information. You ensure that your name is spelled correctly, and your information reads exactly the way you want it to. We accept payment via American Express, Discover, VISA, Mastercard, and Personal Checks! You may even submit your order and pay later!

Fax Orders

Fill out all of the information on our order form. (You may include extra information or instructions on a separate sheet of paper, if need be.)

Fax your order form toll free to: 1-888-830-8310

Mail Orders

Fill out all of the information on our order form. (You may include extra information or instructions on a separate sheet of paper, if need be.)

Mail the Order Form to:

Signature Announcements, Inc.
10855 US Highway 19 N
Clearwater, FL 33764

Phone Orders

Our Professional Representatives are available to take your order over the phone. They will verify your information and even E-mail you a proof of your order text. Please read the back of your order form to review package items, please note that all items in red are for online orders only.

Contact Customer Care at 1-888-830-8305 now to place your order!

Why we collect certain information

In order to provide you with prompt service and to keep details in order, we need to collect certain information. For more information on our policies, visit our Privacy Policy Page.

Initial Ordering Questions

When should I order my announcements?
While Signature Announcements has no specific deadline for ordering, you will need to allow enough time before the ceremony to receive your announcements and send them out 2 weeks prior. Our standard processing time is approximately 2 to 3 weeks. You may wish to allow additional time when mailing out of the state/country and for those people you will be inviting to the ceremony.

Do you have the location and time of my commencement ceremony?
No. You will need to check with your school for this information and verify date, time, and location.

What style of text will appear on my announcements, personal note cards, and in my special message?
The text of your announcements, including the special message, and the personal note card message will all be in the same script style as the sample you received, with the exception of any font style changes to the announcement itself (any font style changes that you select or choose will apply to the announcement text only). All text will be centered. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte orders will have Block text on the announcements - Please review the sample you have received. We do apologize, but due to school restrictions -Font style changes will not be accepted for these orders.)

What style do most graduates order?
Our most popular style is the Platinum, which is the sample you received. (University of North Carolina-Charlotte orders are limited to the Elegant style only) If we do not carry the official trademark of your university or college, etc. - You may choose a custom logo and will have the option of choosing the Presidential Z-fold, Elegant or Economy style of announcement, as the Platinum tri-panel will not be available.

What if I received TWO samples?
You may select your preferred style while placing your order on step 1 of our websites ordering form.

What color will my foil envelopes be?
The color of the lining in your foil envelopes will match the sample announcement we sent you.

How many items come in a set? How many return labels, tissue paper, envelope seals, thank you cards, etc. will I receive in my order?
The amount of each will equal or exceed the amount of announcements you ordered.

Order Process Questions

How do I select my school?
Please select your school from the drop-down box.

Is my order saved automatically?
Yes. When you begin placing an order on our website, once you have entered your email address and you continue to the next page, your order is automatically saved. If for any reason you log out of your order, an email will be sent to you with a link back to where you left off or you may click the "Find My Order" button located on every page of our website.

When is my order complete?
When you have indicated on the form your method of payment. The next screen will show your Order Number and within a short time you will receive a Confirmation of your order by email. Please look your confirmation e-mail over carefully - this e-mail is sent to you to verify spelling and ensure all information is correct. The formation of some of the text does not apply here, this is for proofing purposes only.

Order has been Received Questions

Where should I look to find my certificate of appreciation, class seals, tissue paper, and free items?
These items will be included in the box with your announcements. The Certificate(s) will be packaged in brown wrapping and located at the bottom of the box. Or if you have ordered a Diploma Frame, they may be attached to the back of your Frame. As for all Professional packages that were ordered, please check the back of your free certificate frame.

If I've ordered a frame, will you ship my announcements together in the same box?
Yes. Please remove all packaging from your frame box as your announcements may have settled to the bottom or within the packaging. Please check the back of your frame (unwrap the bubble wrap).

Peak hours of operation: 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. Eastern (February - April / October - November)
Seasonal hours of operation: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Eastern

How Can We Help You?

Contact Us

By E-mail: [email protected]
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Website Problems: WEBMASTER
By Phone: 1-888-830-8305
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By Fax: 1-888-830-8310
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By Standard Mail: Signature Announcements, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
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Clearwater, FL 33764

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