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The Challenges a College Graduate Faces

One common misconception made by many college graduates is that once you graduate from college you’ll be able to easily get a job, pay off any debt, and go on to lead a financially stable life. The challenges college graduates face, however, are much more than meets the eye. Regrettably, college graduation doesn’t grant a free pass into the world. In fact, there are even more concerns once out of college than there were while attending school. Thus, preparation is essential for the leap from college into the real world. Preparing properly for the post-college financial rollercoaster and the large predicament of finding a job can alleviate some of the stress and challenges college graduates face.

The Challenges

  • With the job market in a stunt, and infinitely more graduates coming fresh out of college, there is more competition than ever. This makes finding a job straight out of college more than just a little difficult. Most college graduates will only receive entry level positions, and there are only a certain amount of those available on a yearly basis. For many college graduates there will be very restricted chances for climbing up the corporate ladder, very little growth in wages, and varied episodes of unemployment.
  • Paying off student loans is just another one of the challenges college graduates face. A majority of college students will have some sort of loans and debt to pay off right after graduation. These loans can sometimes take years to pay off, and can cause some college graduates to take the first job that comes their way in order to start paying them off. Unfortunately, this means that many college graduates will not get the job they want, the salary they desire, and may end up searching for another job down the line.
  • Besides finding a job and paying off debt, college graduates also have to worry about a place to live. Rent, utilities, food, and a lot of other expenses all become a major issue. All these expenses added onto job searching and paying off student loans can be fairly stressful.

Getting Prepared

Fortunately, knowing what the obstacles are out of college and being prepared for them can help tremendously. Here are a couple suggestions to prepare for the challenges college graduates face:

  • Resume & Other Job Preparation – Creating a solid resume for job interviews after college graduation is a vital step in finding a decent job. Find some guidance when creating it, and make sure all the essentials are in it. Make sure to also utilize all possible contacts and outlets for potential job positions. This means friends, parents, college contacts, past professors, job posting Internet sites, and other things of the like.
  • Moving Back Home – Moving back home after college graduation isn’t always as bad as it seems. Although a certain loss of freedom is inevitable, it will allow for financial saving, freedom to job hunt, and time to simply organize life.

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